Baptism is an important and celebrated part of the Christian journey. We believe in infant baptism as well as believers baptism. The Sacrament of baptism is a holy and special gift that allows us to publicly celebrate our faith in Christ. As Methodists we believe in 3 modes of baptism: sprinkling, pouring, and immersion.

How can I schedule a baptism or dedication?

All baptisms and dedications are scheduled through our Family Ministry Director office. Please contact Amy Hopper at 580.223.5390 ext 319 or click here to begin the process. 

When can I or my child be baptized during a church service?

The baptism dates for 2022 in service are January 30, April 24, July 31 and October 30. If one of these four dates do not work for you still fill out a baptism request form and we will set a time to baptize in our McClure Chapel.

Can I be “re-baptized”?

If you were baptized in another Christian church, you will not be “re-baptized” at First Methodist Ardmore. We believe God was active in your life far before coming to church here and that the sacraments can only be received once. However, we do remember baptisms where you can “remember your baptism and be thankful.” Please contact Amy Hopper for more details.

More Inforation:

For more information or to have further questions answered contact Amy Hopper at 580.223.5390. ext 319 or