Church-wide Study
Join us on Sundays, for our Church-wide studies.  The next study begins January 5, 2020.  We will be reading “Discipleship Uncomplicated,” by Dr. Warren Haynes.
“Making disciples is not a spiritual gift reserved for a few elite Christians. It is the spiritual mandate Jesus gave to all His followers. Whether you are an introverted wall flower or an over the top people-person, Discipleship Uncomplicated delivers exactly what you need to start influencing people for Jesus. Disciple making is not personality driven. It is driven by specific actions that all of us can learn to do. Discipleship Uncomplicated emulates the example of Jesus and how He interacted with people as He was going through His days.
Discipleship Uncomplicated follows the example of Jesus to help you discover:
* How to pinpoint the people you are most likely to influence for Jesus
* How to bring spiritual power into your personal relationships
* How to create breakthrough moments in blocked relationships
* How to build strong relational connections
* How to move people spiritually
* How to gather and influence people to follow Jesus
* How to multiply leaders and reach new people
Discipleship Uncomplicated is intensely practical and easy to follow. It takes the guess work out of getting started and provides exactly what you need to know and do to start making disciples.”
Also, on January 5th, all Adult Sunday School classes and FUMC Youth will meet jointly in the Colvert Ministry Center, to hear a special message from the book’s author.  Dr. Warren Haynes is the brother of our own Justin Haynes.  We hope to see you in Worship and Sunday School!