Cude Clothes Closet

Our Cude Clothes Closet has been in operation since the 1930’s! This incredible ministry has more stories than time can allow to share, through this ministry thousands of people a year are clothed and prepared better to deal with Oklahoma regardless of any situation or circumstances they may be facing. We take seriously the call Jesus gave to clothe those in need. It is our joy and privilege to serve in this way. Through relationships being built there is a real opportunity for discipleship and evangelism whether that be through prayer or conversation with our clients. This incredible time tested ministry is always looking for people to serve and donate items for our community. The Clothes Closet can be found on F street across from our main campus. Hours of operation are Mondays 1pm-3pm and Wednedays 9am-11am, donations are accepted through the donation box at all times. If you are interested in serving in this ministry or need more information please fill out our volunteer form HERE.