Mid-Week Adults
Mid-Week will begin the next session on August 21, 2019. This is our school year program designed specifically for our elementary age kids (Kindergarten-5th grade), on Wednesday nights 6:00-7:00pm in the Fellowship Hall. This is a time for kids to review what they were taught on Sunday morning in a large group community. Your children can expect worship, games and an interactive Bible lesson.
Mid-Week Schedule:
5:15-5:45pm Family dinner in Colvert Ministry Center, Room 133. Cost is $4 per person with a $16 family max and children 4-years-old and
under eat for free. Classes will start at 6:00pm sharp and finish by 7:00pm.
5:45-6:00pm Child check in begins (all children must be checked in by a parent)
6:00-7:00pm Classes
• Nursery children: 6 weeks old-prek (Nursery Department)
• Elementary children: K-5th grade (Fellowship Hall)
• Youth: 6th-12th grade (Youth Room from 5:15-7:00pm)
• Adult Classes:
Discerning the Voice of God – Teacher Kinzie Ray:
This is a women’s study by Priscilla Shier. Discerning the Voice of God will take you on a wonderful journey for any age of woman to study and fellowship together. Do you feel that the ability to hear God’s voice is for other people and not for you? Is it only for people who lived in Biblical times?  Not at all! The God who loved you enough to die for you, loves you enough to talk to you. And wherever you are in your spiritual walk, God will find a way to speak to you in a way you will understand.  There is a helpful book with this course for an estimated cost of $15-$20. You can buy the book on our own or make arrangements through Mrs. Kim on week one of the course.
Beautiful Outlaw – Teachers Scott Ownbey and Chris Hopper:
This is a men’s study by John Eldridge.  It looks at what Jesus was really like as the disciples and those around him experienced Him. This study tries to strip away and cut through some of the religious fog and the monotone stereotypes that we may have learned or ourselves put upon Jesus, and really delve into His personality, sense of humor, what made Him angry, His generosity, etc. There is a $12 optional book associated with this study on Amazon.
Epic of Eden – Isaiah, The Story of Israel’s Prophet – Teachers Pastor David and Pastor John:
This story will walk us through the book of Isaiah with incredible detail and insight. Richter is a world renown Old Testament scholar, whose teaching makes the Old Testament not only understandable, but relatable. There is a highly recommended study guide that walks along with this study. We will do a group order as a class and the estimated cost is $20.
Parent Wise:  Protecting our Children’s Eyes, Minds, and Hearts – Teacher Shelly Aljoe:
We love your kids! Because we love them, we are continually thinking of ways to come along side you in your parenting journey. Whether we want to think about it or not, one of the most prevalent and negative influences parents have to guard against in today’s connected age, is pornography. The statistics are shocking: Average age of first exposure is 11 years old; 12-17-year-olds are the largest consumers of pornography; many child molesters and sex offenders watch pornography before committing their crime. Many times, children and teens are exposed to pornography by a friend, older child, or even a sibling. Whether you’re trying to make sure your kids never see it, wanting to know what to do if they do see it, or trying to help them stop viewing it, there will be something for you in our message. We hope this information helps you and your family develop a plan to be “parent wise” about pornography.  
7:00pm Classes are dismissed (all children must be picked up by a parent)