Stephen Ministry

Death, childbirth, illness, discouragement, divorce, job-loss, aging, relocation. We don’t ask for these things to happen, or even expect them to, but they happen nonetheless and often leave us rattled or send us reeling. The only thing more difficult than these kinds of circumstances is having to journey through them alone.

Who are our Stephen Ministers?

If you would like help in turning a life crisis into an opportunity of growth and faith, a Stephen Minister is ready to be there for you. Call one of our Stephen Ministers today to take the first step towards healing and wholeness.
Louise Daniels 580-465-5958
Katy Ehlo 580-504-1864

What Do Stephen Ministers Do?

Stephen Ministers listen, explore feelings, pray, share Christ’s love, maintain confidentiality, give care, and leave the results to God. They care for people who are grieving, in a crisis, in need of long-term care, dying, hospitalized, experiencing divorce, experiencing losses as they age, having difficulties of childbearing, and so much more. Is God calling you to become a Stephen Minister? If you are interested in having a Stephen Minister to walk with you through life’s trials or if you are interested in finding out what becoming a Stephen Minister involves, contact someone listed above.

Stephen Ministers Training

Stephen Minister is a caring person, who is willing to listen, learn, grow, and serve. This person must be willing and able to maintain confidentiality and make a two-year commitment to training, ministry, supervision, and continuing education. Does this sound like the next step in serving God for you?
If you are interested in finding out what becoming a Stephen Minister involves, email us at or give us a call at (580) 223- 5390.