This We Believe

It is very important that you and I know what the United Methodist Church believes according to God’s Word and our United Methodist Book of Discipline. I want you to be able to know what your church believes and stands for. To aid in this awareness, we have created a handout titled “This We Believe.” We have taken our resources from the Holy Bible and our United Methodist Book of Discipline 2016 edition. We will be focusing solely on Wesleyan resources. We pray that as we move through the various doctrines and practices of our Wesleyan beliefs, that our common faith in Christ will be stirred. May we each have a clearer understanding of what we believe and why we believe the way that we do. It is my hope and faith that, as we journey together, Jesus of Nazareth will be lifted up through the congregation of the First United Methodist Church of Ardmore, Oklahoma.
Pastor David L. Daniel, Senior Pastor